The Brides

She(the bride) took out the wedding album and kept looking at photographs and she touched each of the photographs with pores of her fingers. Just to feel them near, to live them again! Somewhere in corner of eye, moisture condensed into a tear drop and slid over the photograph. A rosy smile dawned across her cheeks when the sun was setting in its myriad spread of oranges just like ‘that day’. Kids came storming in the room and jumped into her lap. Her hubby followed who placed the mug of cappuccino at the table and wrapped his arms around her neck. She started talking about the events as if they happened just yesterday. The picture was complete. The picture was complete, inside the picture and outside picture.

Happy Bride is the Preettiest !!the happy bride


in her wedding trousseau, the most vibrant bride we have shot..

the bride's grand entry

the radiant bride

bride looking amazingly stunning in the traditional RED lehenga !!

the indescribable calmness on her face just before D moment

mixed emotions of a bride on the 'D' day